Why we

are doing this.

A stream swells into a wave which swells into a tsunami. A human flow gushes out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. On a fragile dream of safety and wellbeing it flows into Turkey, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Finland.

For many the dream ends in a nightmare, but for many others this is an opportunity for a new start in a new country – if they are given the chance.

KSF Media’s publications, HBL, Västra Nyland and Östnyland, have diligently reported on refugees and asylum seekers throughout the autumn and winter: the hardships that have dogged their steps and the life that now awaits them. We also know that not all those arriving are innocent, and that the refugee issue is an enormous challenge for the EU to manage. Just as many of us find it hard to adapt when the neighbourhood changes.

We have written a lot about the distrust with which immigrants have been greeted, of arson attacks on refugee centres, of borders that have closed and of a social climate that feels chillier than the Finnish winter. And we have argued in favour of empathy, tolerance and humanity, things that we all have to offer.

But words and pictures are no longer enough. As a media company, we now wish to convert our values into action and do something tangible for those seeking protection in Finland. This is why we are launching Recommend a Refugee, a web portal for connecting companies that have work to offer to refugees who need a job.

We are doing this because we can, because we want to, and because we must. Feel welcome to take part.